Facebook Storyboard Actions

Facebook Storyboard Actions


Create cute storyboards for Facebook with this action set. We’ve got great layout choices. Show one picture, two side by side, two top and bottom, three pictures, or four at a time. Pick either rounded or straight borders and change the borders to any color you’d like. You can also pop in a watermark or add your logo and sharpen for Facebook. We’ve created this action set to make publishing to Facebook easy and fun! Make your photos look the best they can on Facebook. Give it a try.

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Facebook Storyboard Photos - 2up Rounded - Side by SideFacebook Storyboard Photos - 3up StraightFacebook Storyboard Photos - 4up RoundedFacebook Storyboard Photos - 2up Straight - Top and Bottom

A full version of Photoshop® is required.
Compatible with Photoshop® CS2-CS6
These actions are not compatible with Photoshop Elements.

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